Constructing Financing

Financing for the construction of the home is required, and can include the home and land. This financing is called a construction loan, which is a short-term loan funded solely for the purpose of building a house. Not all lenders offer construction loans, and there may be certain advantages to using a lender that also offers permanent financing once the construction process is complete. We highly recommend you speak to your lender to see which method of financing best fits your needs

We have construction financing programs that may require no money down to build your home on your lot if you own it outright. If you haven’t found your property yet, or are thinking about buying in a development, we can help you purchase the land and roll it into a construction loan.

Elara Homes has an extensive lending relationship with local construction lending companies. They have allowed us to extend our builder’s terms to our homeowners for their construction lending. Contact us for bank information…