Building Process

Typical construction time:

Homes up to 3000 sq ft

6 months from contract signing

Homes 3000-5500 sq ft

7-8 months from contract signing

Homes 5500+ sq ft

9+ months from contract signing

Design Phase (typically 2 weeks)

  • Develop design criteria and subdivision requirements (if applicable)
  • Draw floor plan or select an existing plan
  • Draw roof plan, elevations, electrical plans, and site plan
  • Obtain loan pre-approval

Contract & Specifications (typically 1 week)

  • Specify unique products or features to be used in home
  • Determine pricing on home based on plan design and features
  • Sign contract

Pre-Construction (typically 30 days)

  • Submit contract documents to lender for construction loan
  • Geotechnical reports on soil
  • Foundation engineering
  • HOA Submittal
  • Obtain permits…..(City of Houston – add 45 days) (City of Conroe – add 15 days)


  • Site preparation / foundation
  • Framing and mechanicals
  • Drywall, trim carpentry, cabinets
  • Completion of Flooring, paint, and fixtures
  • Landscaping and final clean-up
  • Final walk / move-in

Permanent Loan Processing (approx. 40 days before completion)

  • Submit contract documents to lender for permanent loan
  • Survey property
  • Appraise project
  • Closing documents