Building Process

Process Outline

Typical construction time:

Homes up to 3000 sq ft
5 months from contract signing

Homes 3000-5500 sq ft
6 months from contract signing

Homes 5500+ sq ft
7+ months from contract signing

  1. Budget Determination
    1. Obtain loan pre-approval
    2. Determine size and scope of project based on desired loan amount
  2. Design Phase
    1. Develop design criteria and subdivision requirements (if applicable)
    2. Draw floor plan or select an existing plan
    3. Draw roof plan, elevations, electrical plans, and site plan
  3. Contract & Specifications
    1. Specify scope of work to be performed by builder
    2. Specify products used in home
    3. Determine pricing and execute contract
  4. Construction Loan Processing
    1. Submit contract documents to lender for construction loan
    2. Construction
    3. Obtain permits
    4. Site preparation/foundation
    5. Framing and mechanicals
    6. Drywall, trim carpentry, cabinets
  5. Permanent Loan Processing (approx. 40 days before completion)
    1. Submit contract documents to lender for permanent loan
    2. Survey property
    3. Appraise project
    4. Closing documents
  6. Construction (Cont.)
    1. Flooring, paint, and fixtures
    2. Landscaping and final clean-up
    3. Landscaping and final clean-up
    4. Final walk / move-in